PP Solutions AG

the future.

We find the most promising cutting edge technologies – and make it accessable today. Be part of the future now.


Our Mission

As our customer, you will benefit from our pioneering spirit, entrepreneurship, the right team and a close-knit, global network consisting of cross-industry specialists, visionaries and business enablers.

We are electrified with creative energy and fuelled by the desire to use the most promising opportunities. With great enthusiasm, we focus on unique possibilities that constantly improve our business sense. 

Consequently, our mission has arisen: As an innovative technology company, we never stand still. We do not only participate – we anticipate. And we do not only seek the most promising ideas and future technologies, we find them. We go far beyond the norm, so we make sure our seminal products are always one step ahead. Simply pioneering the future of technology. 


About Us

Only those who leave the mainstream will reach new shores. But if you want to think “out of the box”, you first need to be aware of these boxes.

That's why proven professionals from various directions form our core team. Specialists who are aware that it takes more than courage and a good sense for business. It takes a lot of passion, will, an extensive know-how, the best partners you can get, a functioning network and finally – the financial resources. 

We have established the PP Solutions AG in 2018 as a high-tech company with a clear goal: We crystallize the most promising ideas and technologies, find the best environment for their success and develop unique state of the art products from it. 


Zug, the so-called “Crypto Valley” in Switzerland.


July 2018

Type of company

Swiss technology company

«Behind PP Solutions stands a well-rehearsed team of entrepreneurs, visionaries and tech professionals. Always prepared to create solutions with a pioneering spirit in a flexible yet goal-oriented manner.»

Michael Lachner
The Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

David Camara
Administrative Council and Chief Financial Officer



As long-time experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs, we know how to bring bold ideas safely back to the ground – and the solution to take off.

Not only thinking but bringing the future to the present, that is what makes PP Solutions AG so successful. 

David Camara

Board of Directors and CFO

Michael Lachner

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

Janek Maiwald



With our software, we take care of the tiresome work for you as a customer, so that you can fully concentrate on the essentials - and this regulated by financial law.

"Thank you very much for your support in the coordination process with the regulatory authority. Without your software we would not have been able to apply for a license to operate our crypto-ATMs"

Dimitar Jauch, President of Coinmat AG (www.coinmat.com)


Cash flow transaction software for crypto-ATMs


Consulting services regarding the transaction design of payment transactions in the area of crypto currencies in connection with FIAT money