Cash flow transaction software for crypto-ATMs

Module 1: Crypto-ATM management system

Management system for the operating case " Providing payment services for third parties" as well as "Sale of own assets" for the optimal supply of cash and crypto-ATMs with cash and crypto-currencies in order to enable the customer to carry out secure transactions at any time.

Module 2: KYC module "Wallet ID"

Based on the current legal situation (money laundering laws and FATF), both the sender and the recipient of a crypto-currency transaction must be known. We ensure this with the KYC module "Wallet ID", so that each transaction can be clearly assigned and defined.

Module 3: AML module "GWG"

With this module, all transactions can be checked and evaluated during operation for the presence of any suspicious cases in accordance with the valid legal money laundering regulations, so that the operation of the crypto-ATMs complies with money laundering regulations at all times.